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Trailer Work

Slowly we are getting the trailer set up. Focusing on the car, there’s been little time or interest to get the trailer organized. The process will be in three steps, Tire/Wheel management, Flooring, and then Cabinets and Storage. The object is to keep it simple, as trailer build costs can get very expensive very quickly.

Tires – Three sets are needed for each event (one set is on the car). Two “drys” and one “rains”, allow for heat cycling and keeping a fresh set for competition use. The length of the trailer is 20 feet, so there is not enough room on the walls for two 4′ tire racks (the trailer door is in the way). From the pics you can see one is mounted on the far wall. The hood of the car extends about 18″ underneath the rack. Cabinets will go in the front V, and so this leaves little room to locate another 4 tires safely.

Using a 1 1/2″ pipe and floor plates bolted to the frame solved the problem. The pipe is in two pieces and attaches with a threaded collar to make a 48″ pole. It comes apart to make the tires easy to stack. The wheels fit easily over the pipe but can’t move much at all. A top collar makes sure that a tire couldn’t come flying off in the extremely unlikely event that a tire could come up and over. A low “wall” offers an additional protection to tire movement and is a handy place to attach track maps, schedules, etc. All in all step one came out pretty well and still permits cabinet space up front. Stay tuned.

by John on May.30, 2011, under Projects and Modifictions

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